Sunday, June 1, 2014

35 Weeks

Symptoms: Frequent trips to the bathroom, congestion, shortness of breath, back aches, sciatic pain, pregnancy brain, and lack of sleep. 

The baby really low and is causing Reva some pelvic discomfort.

Cravings: None

Baby has developed an active schedule!

Movements are more stretches now and not kicks.

Reva and Tim can't stop touching the baby when she is active!

Reva and Tim keep talking and reading to baby and playing lots of music!

Reva and Tim are planning to move soon

Reva misses sleeping on her stomach!

Reva has had many Braxton-Hicks contractions as well as some real ones!

Reva's belly is getting in the way of everything!

Reva has finally gotten her engagement ring resized!

Reva had her baby shower recently and got everything needed! Thank you!! 

According to Reva's doctor she has only gained ten pounds!

Reva and Tim have decided on a name for the baby, however it will be a secret!

Reva may be counting down the days left as well! (33 Days as of 6/1/14)

Tim is starting to get more nervous and excited as the date approaches!

Only 5 weeks left until Reva is at 40 weeks!

Baby Kecherson has been gaining half a pound a week

The Doctor is predicting Baby K to come early!

Reva is pretty much over the pregnancy stage - she wants to meet the baby!!

Only 5 Weeks to go!

How big is baby:
35 Weeks: Coconut (19-22 inches and around 5.5 pounds)

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