Monday, December 30, 2013


6-10 Weeks Pregnant

Reva and Tim are expecting a baby in July 2014 and this starts the weekly baby bump updates. 

A Special Announcement!

Baby Kecherson

Baby Kecherson will grace the world in July 2014!
Tim and Reva are excited to share the news!

Monday, December 2, 2013

One year later...

It has been one year since Tim and Reva have been married and life is awesome! We couldn't be anymore happier. Life is in a really good place now and a lot has changed.

This year has been pretty stable, but here are some highlights:
Reva has lost 80 pounds
Tim has gained a position in the on-call rotation at his job
Tim and Reva are saving like crazy to buy a house
Reva sprained her knee in May
Tim and Reva took a few mini vacations to New York, and Connecticut
Reva's cousin Taylor got married
Tim's brother Sean graduated high school

Life couldn't get any better then spending it with the person you love.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How We Food Shop

So many people have been asking us how we can do our food shopping for a little over $100 for a family of four. I explain to them that it takes a bit of effort and a little restraint but you can do it. In June of 2012, we decided to challenge ourselves and food shop as if we were following the food stamp budget. Here, in New Jersey, the funds given to one person for one month is $133.26. This comes to $33.32 per person per week. Now we were scared at first because we had no idea how we were going to do this; but again, after some effort, we were able to do it and you can too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Vacation

We recently went on a vacation together to Connecticut. We were looking for a place that was close and was far enough away from our family. We went to 5 different winery's and had some really fantastic food! We also didn't realize how close we were to Newtown, until we were looking for wineries and saw one in Sandy Hook. We explored historic downtown Bethel and saw an old CD shop, a bookstore that looked like a house that came from an episode of Hoarders, a chocolate shop, and other small stores. We realized how much of the small store flair we don't have at home and think we should. This small vacation had a huge impact on us; not only by the location, because of the tragic events, but also made us realize that our area has become far too commercialized. This is one we will definitely come back to!