Friday, February 15, 2013

A Vacation

We recently went on a vacation together to Connecticut. We were looking for a place that was close and was far enough away from our family. We went to 5 different winery's and had some really fantastic food! We also didn't realize how close we were to Newtown, until we were looking for wineries and saw one in Sandy Hook. We explored historic downtown Bethel and saw an old CD shop, a bookstore that looked like a house that came from an episode of Hoarders, a chocolate shop, and other small stores. We realized how much of the small store flair we don't have at home and think we should. This small vacation had a huge impact on us; not only by the location, because of the tragic events, but also made us realize that our area has become far too commercialized. This is one we will definitely come back to!

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