Our Story

How we met:
    We met freshman year of high school.

^^ Not true! We actually met before high school. We were both in the band of our respective school, and we were going up to the high school to do a tri-district concert, February of 2004. So I'm sitting there, playing the trumpet (because I didn't know any better) and I see this girl. And you know that whole butterfly in the stomach thing they talk about? It's a lot freakier when it happens. So I know that she was the one. Fast forward to band camp in August, and I'm really shy. And we talk, and get to know each other. And I kept falling for her, and I haven't stopped yet.  -T

How we grew:
     After band camp, we continued our relationship as friends. In November 2004, Tim started learning french horn. As a few months went by, and I decided to also learn horn. :-) So in March, I did. I asked Tim to teach me and as time went on, we got to know each other more. Finally, in April, 2004 at approximately 7:30AM, (but who is keeping track) Tim and a bunch of our mutual friends came up to me. Tim was really nervous he was red and couldn't say what he wanted to. Finally, one of our friends spoke up and said "Tim wants to know if you will go out with him." And finally happy that he asked me, I said sure! A few days later Tim calls me in the middle of the night (I was sleeping) and wakes me up. He says I have to tell you something and it needs to be now other wise I can't sleep. So half asleep, I let him continue. He told me that he loved me. And as we continued through high school and eventually college we continued to grow together, and love each other everyday more and more.
To this day I cannot play the french horn without thinking about the person who started me on it. -R

^^ It's true! And it's so much better than the euphonium.  -T

The Engagement:
    As we grew and so did our relationship, I kept falling deeper in love. Finally, in the summer of 2009, I sat down with her dad and discussed my future with her. One of the things I mentioned was marrying her, and he said that he'd be happy with that. In July, I took her outside. She was scared of the noises and wanted to go back in. I wanted her to wait just a little longer, and got down on a knee (corny, I know). Lo and behold, the word that I was hoping for came tumbling from her lips, and I slipped the ring onto her finger.  -T

^He failed to mention that he took me out for a really romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant, then went to the lake and talked for a little while about life. I was scared of the noises; I thought it was a bear. Tim also had forgot to mention that he left me alone while he went to his car, which was when I heard the noises. When Tim got down on one knee I started crying extremely hard and could barely speak. -R

Photo credit: Tierney Ayers

The Wedding:
     Our wedding was perfect! Tim looked handsome and everything was just a magical evening.