Sunday, April 27, 2014

29 Weeks

Symptoms: Frequent trips to the bathroom, congestion, shortness of breath, back aches, pregnancy brain, and lack of sleep. 

Cravings: Cheese, Coffee

Baby has developed an active schedule!

Baby's kicks are becoming stronger and stronger every week!

Ever since Tim has felt the baby move, he can't stop touching Reva's belly!

Reva and Tim keep talking and reading to baby and playing lots of music!

Reva and Tim finally are still planning the baby's nursery!

Reva misses sleeping on her stomach!


Sorry for missing week 28.

Reva is letting herself have one cup of coffee a week.

Reva's belly is starting to get in the way.

My wedding rings are still on and keep falling off my hand actually! 

Reva is no longer in her pre-pregnancy clothes.

According to Reva's doctor she has only gained seven pounds!

Reva and Tim have decided on a name for the baby, however it will be a secret!

Reva may be counting down the days left as well!

Tim is starting to get more nervous and excited as the date approaches!

Baby Kecherson is starting to grow bigger!

Only 11 Weeks to go!

How big is baby:
29 Weeks: Acorn Squash (16 in and 2.7 pounds)

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