Friday, March 14, 2014

Weeks 21-23

Symptoms: Dizziness, frequent trips to the bathroom, mood swings, fatigue, congestion, shortness of breath, back aches, and pregnancy brain (ugh). 

Cravings: Chocolate

Baby is really moving and is very active!

Baby's kicks are becoming a lot stronger!

Tim felt the baby move at 23 weeks!

Reva and Tim keep talking and reading to baby and playing lots of music!

Reva really misses a good nights sleep. (Such is life)

Reva's emotions are stable, for the most part! Tim is loving that!

The snow stopped, all Reva and Tim keep hoping for is warmer weather!

My wedding rings are still on and keep falling off my hand actually! 

Reva is no longer in her pre-pregnancy clothes.

According to Reva's doctor she has only gained a pound!

Reva and Tim have decided on a name for the baby!

Reva and Tim decided that they are going to keep the final name a secret!

Only 16 Weeks to go!

How big is baby:
21 Weeks: Pomegranate (10.5-11.8 in and 16-20 ounces)
22 Weeks: Papaya (10.5 in and 16-20 ounces)
23 Weeks: Grapefruit (10.5-11.8 in and 16-20 ounces)

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